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Indoor Dog Training Classes

Monday evenings; St. Philip & St. James Church Hall, Fleet.
Tuesday evenings; North Warnborough Village Hall, Hook.

Puppy Training Classes

A set of six classes lasting 45 minutes. These classes are designed to teach your puppy their A,B,Cs. This is the alphabet principle, which is so important to your puppy's basic education. We begin with a series of simple layers - the 'how', which can be used to develop a combination of relative skills.

Only positive methods are used to motivate the correct behaviours and build strong foundations that will carry your puppy's training further!.

    Each class will practise several areas:
  • Focus & connection
  • 'Come' when called
  • Sit and down
  • Walking on loose lead
  • Simple social skills
  • Handle your puppy for inspection
  • Take food/treats gently
  • Help and advise

Training will be successful training if practiced daily for very short periods and by progressing at your puppy's pace over an appropriate period of time. Generally, education in the first two years of a dog's life is crucial to it's future stability as a companion dog! So you may as well enjoy the journey - your dog will!

To enrol please first register via our online contact form. You will then be sent full details by return. Please bring payment to your first class. It's advisable not to feed a full meal to your puppy before training or any other physical activities.

Cash only please, collar and lead, motivational (ideally soft) treats and a toy.

St Philip & St James Church Hall, Kings Road, GU51 3AR [map]
When:Monday evening from 6:15pm to 7pm
Price:£90 for 6 classes (renewals £45)

North Warnborough Village Hall, Hook, RG29 1EA [map]
When:Tuesday evening from 8pm to 8:45pm
Price:£90 for 6 classes (renewals £45)

Unfortunately we're unable to offer a refund or deferment.
See calendar or contact us for further details on venue, dates and training times.

Basic Obedience

This is a course for older puppies and adolescent dog! You can enrol at any time and repeat the course as often as you like...please call: 07765 047700 if you have any questions!

Where:St Philip & St James Church Hall, Kings Road, GU51 3AR → [map]
When:Monday evening from 7pm to 8pm
Price:£100 for 10 classes or PAYG £20 per class

Companion Dog Training

Most dogs without a job will create one, which is unlikely to be one of your choice!! Companion dog training does just that - teaches you how to educate and train your dog to be your companion. Aside sustenance...this is the absolute minimum your dog deserves and relies on you to provide!

The standard is for you and your dog to achieve the basic standard set by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers' (B.I.P.D.T) National Pet Code. Dog owners are encouraged to educate their dog in basic obedience, understand the importance of being responsible for their dog and have an awareness of the Laws that relate to dog ownership.

The main purpose of the National Code is to demonstrate that your dog is reliable and educated to behave both at home and in public in a manner that will reflect credit on the dog.

The BIPDT's scheme consists of three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and is open to all breeds over the age of six months.

Where:North Warnborough Village Hall, RG29 1EA → [map]
When:Tuesday evening from 7pm to 8pm
Price:£100 for 10 classes or PAYG £20 per class

    Exercises include...
  • Sit, down, stand
  • Stay - all positions
  • Walk to heel
  • Recall to heel/present
  • Retrieve
  • Distance control
  • Send-away
  • Trick training


Unfortunately we are unable offer refunds or deferments.

Companion and basic classes run on a roll-on, roll-off basis. To register please complete and submit the contact form here on our contact page. View our calendar of events for details about future workshop dates and times.


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