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What is Working Trials Training?

Working Trials is an all round test that requires your dog to have the initiative and scenting abilities of the Field Trial dog, the control of the Obedience dog and the dexterity and athleticism of the Agility dog. There are five levels of competition known as 'Stakes'.

  • Companion Dog (CD) Stake
  • Utility Dog (UD) Stake
  • Working Dog (WD) Stake
  • Tracking Dog (TD) Stake
  • Patrol Dog (PD) Stake

Each Stake combines exercises in three sections: Control, Agility and Nosework.

Control Round

This consists of heelwork, which is conducted both on and off the lead, at slow, medium and fast pace. Recall to handler. Sendaway and directional control with a minimum of 20 yards outrun to a designated spot and then a redirect to another pre-selected area. An out of sight two minute sit and 10 minute down as a group with other dogs. Dumb-bell retrieve, steadiness to gunshot and 'speak' on command.


Dogs exceeding 381mm (15") at the shoulder must clear a 3ft hurdle, a 9ft long jump and a 6ft scale, twice!
Dogs exceeding 255mm (10") at the shoulder must clear a 2ft hurdle, a 6ft long jump and a 4ft scale, twice!
Dogs not exceeding 255mm (10") at the shoulder must clear a 1.6ft hurdle, a 4ft long jump and a 3ft scale, twice!


This consists of a 1/2 mile track, consisting of corners and curves and negotiating changes of terrain. Tracks are aged between 1/2 hour to 3 hours and on which are placed 3 small articles that the dog must indicate. A search square is also included which requires the dog to find and retrieve a number of small articles in a 15 to 25 square yard area within a set time of 4 to 5 minutes.


In the PD Stake, a number of exercises are included which test the working skills of a patrol dog, including quartering the ground, the pursuit and detention of 'criminals', food refusal, attack on handler, search and escort and recall off criminal.


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