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Social Skills, Loose Lead and Recall Workshop

This workshop provides practical expert guidance for dog's that pull on the lead and assess your dog's social skills in a safe environment. You will learn to control and help your dog to relax while working in close proximity with other people and their dogs.

"Life's leashes are unavoidable, the challenge is which end controls
Dogs know when they are connected to a leash, many humans don't
Sometimes a leash is necessary to keep us moving in the right direction
Discipline is the ability to walk in the right direction without a leash"
...by Roger Hite

This workshop is very effective! You'll be given an opportunity to learn a great deal about how to recognise and understand your dog's behaviour and help them to recover or manage any number of issues that may have developed. If your dog is adolescent and has gone off track or a rescue needing a brand new start this is a perfect place to start your training or to compliment any existing training program.

Please call to discuss the suitability of this class for your dog's particular level of behaviour and expectations.
Cost is £25. Class starts at 10am (view calendar for next planned date) in the cricket field
next to the 'The Barley Mow' pub off Pale Lane, Winchfield.

  • pull on the lead?
  • run up to other dogs?
  • not come when called?
  • display unacceptable behaviour toward dogs?
  • display unacceptable behaviour towards people?

If you can answer yes to ANY of these questions, then you will definitely benefit from the training and guidance in this class. Please note that these classes are held outside in ALL weathers, except the most severe conditions, so do make sure you come prepared. If you have any further questions, please call us on: 07765 047700 or send an email.

For everyones pleasure, we'd be grateful if you will observe the following:

    Do use a secure collar & lead in good condition.
    Do ensure you take your dog to the designated toilet area.
    Do dispose of any poo bags and litter appropriately.
    Do not use extendable-leads for training.
    Do not allow your dog to mark the training field.

Please arrive with enough time to settle your dog!


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