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Residential Dog Training

Why Residential?

The early years of a dog's life is a period challenged by the erratic stream of emotions driven by hormones and maturity. Residential dog training is the ideal solution for your dog to learn life skills in a relatively short space of time.

Educating your dog does take time, consistency and a lot of patience! This is why so many dogs don't develop a good standard of education.

Our residential dog training programme is positively structured to ensure that all fundamental concepts are delivered at an appropriate pace specific for your dog.


Residential training costs £455.00 per week with our aftercare support.
To discuss further details, please contact us or call: 07765 047700.

Puppy Programme

Suitable for puppies from 4 months. They'll learn basic obedience and basic social skills and toilet training! Using playful interaction, puppies and young dogs are motivated to focus on learning conceptual commands and acceptable behaviours. Using kind and patient nurturing we begin the process of developing a confident happy puppy.

Young Dog Programme

Suitable for dogs from 10 months. Basic obedience exercises to complement development of social skills. This also includes mild signs of anxieties leading to excessive excitement or reactivity.


If you're interested in sport dog training, either as a hobby or competition have a look at our dog sport page. We can teach the more advanced exercises to contribute to your long term goals. Please call to discuss ANY training requirements you may have.

An initial consultation may be required if you are not sure of your requirements.
To discuss further details, please contact us or call: 07765 047700.


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