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New Puppy

Would you like to know how to raise your puppy without getting bitten!!!

A new puppy is both exciting and daunting - many behaviour problems originate as a puppy and begin to develop before your puppy is ready to venture outdoors or attend training classes. Effective puppy training can save you from a life of struggle with your dog's behaviors.

You can arrange a puppy home visit one week after its arrival. We'll give you essential information to avoid common mistakes and the confidence in the knowledge you're giving your puppy the best start.

Consultations assists you in the following areas:

♦ Toilet training - feeding - sleeping - early socialisation.
♦ Play biting - chewing - chasing children and other pets.

Depending on your location, prices start from £50phr. To book an appointment, please contact us.


Behavioural issues are the most common reason people decide to give up on their dog. Frustrating problems like nipping, jumping-up, and peeing in the house are generally easy to correct using behaviour modification techniques.

However, one of the most challenging behavioural issue is a dog that is seemingly aggressive towards other dogs. No normal person wants to own a dog that lunges, barks or tries to bite another dog!

Dog aggressive behaviour is usually witnessed between the ages 1 and 3 years. It's very difficult to recognise the underlying reasons for their dog's behaviour and requires an experienced behaviourist such as ourselves to help you understand subtleties and evaluate the source of the aggression.

Behaviour consultations will deal with all issues like insubordination, excitability, predatory behaviour, destruction and aggression. Depending on your location, prices start from £50phr

Consultations normally take place either in your home and/or in public. To book an appointment, please contact us.

Private Training Sessions

Suitable for anyone unable to attend classes or for those already attending classes in need of additional tutorial support because perhaps they have a more challenging dog.

Depending on your location, prices start at £30 per half hour session and £50 per hour session.

If you're interested in sport dog training, either as a hobby or competition have a look at our dog sport page. We can teach the more advanced exercises to contribute to your long term goals. Please call to discuss ANY training requirements you may have.

An initial consultation may be required if you are not sure of your requirements.
To discuss further details, please contact us or call 01252 629494.


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